Pick me! Pick me!

December 8, 2009

There comes a time in the life of a wow addict player when they will want to join a group or raid. Each class/spec can bring something different to a raid, and a smart raid leader will plan accordingly.

While a pack of 10 paladins could get through a raid without too many problems (except loot drama, but that’s another story), they would be much better off if they brought a druid along for Mark of the Wild. (someone please tell me how to put in wowhead tooltips).

Or said paladins could bring a death knight for Horn of Winter, and if he’s frost, Improved Icy Talons.

Or a shaman. Hoo boy, these guys have a ton of buffs. They keep several of them in these little stick things they carry around and leave on the ground at various times and places. I think they call them totems. And then they have BLOODLUST! No namby-pamby heroism, no. I may currently be human but I’m just spying. Really.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, arcane mages have just gotten a raid buff that people may actually want. Sure, intellect is nice… but no one, and I mean NO ONE cares that you are sitting there with 30k mana. How much damage did you do? That’s what matters. Intellect will only ever be “nice”, until Cataclysm comes out. Wow, another topic, but that sounds amazing. Remember that in Cataclysm spellpower will become part of intellect… and if you have intellect you should be able to figure out what that means.

Back on topic, whenever arcane crits we will now give 3% more damage to the raid, exclusive with BM hunters and ret pallies. And boy, there aren’t enough ret pallies to go around.

If somehow you are in a group that is devoid of hunters and pallies, you now bring something else to the table, beyond the actual table. No one will brag about having 60 strudels in their inventory, no matter how much of a blessing that actually is. They only care if they did 5.1k or 5.2k dps.

Until next time,

Om nom nom

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2 Responses to “Pick me! Pick me!”

  1. Raven Says:

    I don’t think I will ever hear the end of the new arcane buff…or the set bonus involving mirror image with you mages…did want to say this though: A healer will never underestimate the benifit of Arcane Intellect….the more mana we have, the more we can heal :)

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