Awesomely Awesomeness

December 9, 2009

That’s my general impression of the patch. After the extended extended maintenance, and in between huge amounts of server lag, I actually got to fool around with some of the new stuff last night. It was awesome.

I think the reason for all the lag was that everything in the game was blinded from overexposure to pure awesomeness.

Random cross-server LFG = awesome. I got a dk friend of mine to tank, the two of us queued for a random heroic and had a full group and were teleported to the instance within 5 seconds. Awesome! Cleared it in no time, got loot, EMBLEMS OF FROST, gold, got some disenchanted mats (whee!) and teleported back. Signed up for another one, same song different verse.

A little later I queued by myself… took about 2 minutes to find a group for just a dps. Pro-tip: bring your own tank or healer. This is a BYOTOH party.

Arcane empowerment = awesome. I do more damage. Can’t complain.

Getting TRIUMPH from heroics = awesome. I now have 51, I need to decide what to buy. I can get my 3rd piece of tier 9… I’m considering pants to upgrade from my t7.5, but it loses hit rating. Thanks to an-awesome-new-staff-that-I-won’t-bother-linking-because-I’m-lazy-but-I-got-it-in-the-new-5-man I’m really close to hit cap for fire. I’ve always loved the fire playstyle but lacked the hit rating neccesary for raiding. I’m close.

(Could someone please help me set up rawr? I think it would help me with my upgrade choices, it seems like easymode to everyone else I’ve read talk about it but it seems more complicated to me than a feral druid’s rotation, which I haven’t done but have heard it’s complicated.)

If you don’t want to be spoiled about the new 5-man dungeons, you can stop reading now.

Until next time,

Om nom nom



Ok, if you didn’t want to know about the 5-mans, didn’t want to be spoiled, you wouldn’t be reading a WoW blog. You would be playing it already.

The new 5-mans = awesome! I loved running it with my friend, with all our “strategies” made up in 10 seconds before the pull thanks to a quick glance at wowhead. I didn’t read through all the strats, didn’t watch people on the ptr do it, just did it. It was epic.

I loved Forgemaster Garfrost. He was the best. He was also the hardest for our group, wiped 4 times. Fun mechanics, a cool strategy made it a fun fight.

And then my favorite part: Hodir 2.0 AKA the tunnel up to Lord Tyrannus. I loved it, so much fun dodging a gazillion patches of ice and facing down unending waves of scourge. Our group was pro, no one ever got hit by the ice so I don’t actually know how dangerous it is. But it felt awesome.

This patch is full of win. I love it. It has inspired me to write my longest blog post yet. I will gladly continue to give Blizzard my $15 a month as long as they keep this up.

What’s a few hours downtime compared to a few weeks epic adventure with friends?

Until next time,

Om nom nom (now with 3% more nom)

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